Service Message

Friday 2nd Feb - 12:12pm

All customers should be back online now and the issue has been diagnosed as a corrupted email account that was being restored at the time.

This corrupted email has been isolated and is being worked on separately to limit these issues going forward.

The restoration process for missing emails has now been continued.

Friday 2nd Feb - 12:00pm

We have been made aware that customers affected by the previous issue are affected by a new issue triggered by the email restoration process. This is being investigate and an update will be posted shortly.

Email restoration has been paused for now while this is being looked into.

Friday 19th Jan - 09:00am

Missing emails are slowly starting to be restored as the missing data is recovered. This process could take several weeks due to the type of corruption detected.

Wednesday 17th Jan - 12:27pm

The faulted mail server has been checked and most emails that are missing should be able to be recovered. This is a long process so please bear with us.

Tuesday 16th Jan - 11:00am

Most customers should be able to access their mailboxes again however some will be missing some newer emails. This is being looked at for recovery.

Monday 15th Jan - 06:00am

Backups are currently being stored to our redundant servers and the faulted server is currently being investigated to get missing data.

Sunday 14th Jan - 11:00pm

Backups have been collected and are currently being processed.

Saturday 13th Jan - 06:00pm

Backups are still being collected.

Saturday 13th Jan - 02:00am

Backups are currently being processed from our cold storage archives in an attempt to get customers up as soon as possible.

Friday 12th Jan - 04:00pm

Backups are currently being worked on due to a corruption on the email servers. They will continue to be worked on over the weekend.

Friday 12th Jan - 10:24am

Due to the severity of the issue, we are currently looking at data recovery and backup servers to get customers back up as soon as possible.

Friday 12th Jan - 09:16am

The fault has been diagnosed and is affecting a large number of customers. Work is being performed currently to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

Friday 12th Jan - 09:11am

A number of customers have reported issues accessing their email accounts. This is being investigated and an update will be posted shortly.