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Unlock your online potential

Using the power of technology we may be able to boost your business online by introducing a Bespoke Business Software solution. We have helped many customers overcome challenges they have come up against and adapt to a new way of running their business. 

Solutions include:

  • Add a simple online payments page to an existing website
  • Implement a fully-integrated online ordering system to your website
  • Sell from your website with an E-commerce plug in
  • Incorporate an online booking system for services 
  • Introduce a Customer portal to manage services/products online 
  • Add a contact form & live chat facility to help keep in touch with your customers

No matter the challenge you face, we are confident that we can help you find an online solution.

Ceci Hill

Software Solution Example

A larger-scale change we recently developed and implemented was an online ordering service app for food and drinks. The suppliers, Ceci Hill, were originally business-to-business, but with the closure of many hospitality establishments, they adapted and started delivering to the public.

The new online ordering system offered more flexibility, meaning they could open it up to non-account holders and provide ad hoc deliveries. Using technology, the supplier was able to adapt and overcome the challenges presented by lockdown restrictions.

The orders and delivery times are all processed via the online app. The online solution MMS provided not only enabled the suppliers to continue working but also expand the business in a different direction. 

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The possibilities are endless with Bespoke Business Software solutions. We are confident we can help you find an online solution to boost your business. 

Contact us via the online form with a brief description of what you need help with and we will get in touch with you to discuss. 

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Quick and efficient as always
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Jason is a credit to your company
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Thank you very much for organising the new PC for Paul. We were highly impressed with Todd this morning when he came to set it all up.
Wednesday, 28th October 2020
Absolutely first class service delivered in an extremely polite,friendly and professional manner - first class.
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Much gratitude for super service from Todd
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Great service from Paul, despite feeling under the weather himself and working in these difficult circumstances.
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