Data Management

Whether you need support with data recovery, data migration or data destruction - our engineers are GDPR trained, and will keep your data protected without compromise.

Data Migration

Whether you are moving data to a new system, changing software or consolidating various different data stores, we can support you in making the most of your data migration and adhering to legislation.

 If required we possess the technical knowledge to write specific programs or routines to achieve your objectives. We can also manage and monitor your data migration to ensure your data is protected and compliant.

Data Destruction

All electronic storage devices have a life span and one of the critical requirements of the Data Protection Act is the appropriate destruction of sensitive information held on data storage devices.

Storage devices include computers, laptops, mobile phones, hard drives, portable USB drives, flash drives, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, data tapes and video tapes.

We can advise you on the best practices to ensure that you and your team are clear on your obligations with regards to data and its destruction, as well as providing a data sanitisation service to military grade level to ensure all media is cleared of all data before being disposed of.

Data Recovery

We provide a specialised data recovery service. A few examples of devices we have successfully recovered data from include hard drives, PC/laptop, USB device and memory sticks.

Examples of lost data scenarios:

  • Mistakenly using your laptop or computer recovery CD and wiping all of your data
  • Deleting files either by accident or purpose to find that they are actually still required
  • Failed hard drive or storage device
  • Failed RAID array in your PC or server
  • Malicious intent by Virus, Malware or other party

In the event of data loss, it is essential that any device where data has been lost is turned off as soon as possible.

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