GDPR & Cyber Security

We help to ensure that your PCs are GDPR compliant, as well as keeping you and your data protected from cyber-attacks and cyber-threats.

Unfortunately, it is not common knowledge that commercial insurance policies do not traditionally cover cyber-crime. 

We highly recommend all of our clients take out Cyber Insurance.
By understanding your requirements, we can interpret the jargon, provide information and make recommendations on the type of insurance cover you may require for your business.

GDPR & Cyber Security services:

  • Next generation firewall
  • Secure configuration
  • User access control
  • Malware protection
  • Patch management
  • Encryption
  • Data protection
  • 2 factor authentication

Did You Know?

According to Hiscox, there are approx 65,000 attempts to attack a UK small business every day. Whilst most fail, a successful hack happens every 19 seconds, costing on average £25,700 in ‘clear up’ costs every year! 

Don't fall victim to an attack, protect your business today. 

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