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Cloud & Hosted Services

Cloud, or hosted services, can bring enormous power to your business operation. If a hosted service is right for you, and our specialists here can help you make that decision, we own our own hosting servers, to allow you to be comfortable in the knowledge that your data is stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act, is stored in the UK only, and most importantly by a company you can trust.

Please visit our sister company site at to see some of the hosted products we have on offer, or contact us to speak to one of our team who will help you find the most appropriate solution for you.

Hosted Exchange Services

A Hosted Exchange service is a system that facilitates a number of business staples including: email, calendars, contacts and tasks making these available to any supporting device such as computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The benefits include centralisation of services regardless of how widespread your business or employees are, availability of service, push technology making sure all of your configured devices share the same information as it becomes available - ensuring that you are always up to date regardless of what device you have access to. Plus some businesses benefit from shared contact address books and the support for shared folders.

In partnership with our sister company MMSUK we offer a hosted Exchange service for a competitive monthly fee. Hosted Exchange can be helpful when you are a start-up business and require all the features of Exchange, without the initial capital outlay, or if you require highly distributed services but cannot get the connectivity at your head office.

Hosted Backup Services

Our hosted backup service backs up all of your data to our servers so that you can rest assured that all of your critical information is available regardless of any eventuality.

The main benefit of using such a service is that if your local data store becomes compromised in anyway be it due to fire, flood, burglary, system failure or virus then you have a backup ready to go just as soon as everything else is up and running.

We can provide both managed and unmanaged Hosted Backup Services to meet your requirements.

Dedicated Server Services

In partnership with our sister company MMSUK we offer dedicated servers in our data centre. They can be both self managed and managed by our engineers here at MMS.

All services can be tailored to suit individual requirements

Flexibility enables us to provide a single point of contact and take the hassle out of managing your IT infrastructure

We can work seamlessly alongside your IT department to cover staff absences or a missing skillset

All services are provided in-house, making us efficient and proactive

Our support contracts are individually tailored to meet your requirements

We offer both on-site and hosted IT services and sell the entire market, so are not biased to any particular technology

Contact us with any query, no matter how small, and see how we can help

Please ask us for a no obligation quote for any IT project